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Breathline Submission Guidelines

Contact Information
Editor: Barbara Godden, MHS, RN, CPAN, CAPA,  Email bgodden@aspan.org    
National Office:  Phone 877-737-9696, Fax 856-616-9601, Email aspan@aspan.org    

Submission Guidelines
To assure the timely online publication of ASPAN’s bimonthly newsletter, it is important that all members understand and adhere to a uniform submissions process.

  • All items (except for upcoming seminar information) must be submitted directly to the Breathline editor at the editor's e-mail or published address. Submissions do not go directly to the National Office unless special arrangements have been made with the editor.
  • Upcoming seminars information must be submitted in the following format: Meeting Date(s); Meeting Title; Location; Sponsored By: (Full Name and Acronyms); For Information Contact: (Include name and address, e-mail, and telephone #) E-mail or transmit by fax directly to the National Office prior to the issue deadline. Please note publication timelines/projected time to members below.
  • Items received after the published deadlines will require the approval of the editor and newsletter production personnel at the National Office for inclusion.
  • All items may be edited at the discretion of the editor and the Society president. When space allotment requires extensive condensing, the editor will consult with the author or committee representative to ensure that the most pertinent information is included in the finished article.
  • All material must be submitted by the original author and should include the author’s name, credentials and contact numbers. Committee chairpersons should provide the Breathline editor with the names of committee members responsible for submissions, if other than themselves. Committee chairpersons wishing to review submissions prior to publication should ask their committee members to send them duplicate copies.

Deadlines for Inclusion in Breathline




 **Approximate Date
Members Receive Issue



 Nov 1

January 25



 Jan 1

 March 25



 Mar 1

May 25



 May 1

 July 25



 Jul 1

September 25



 Sep 1

 November 25

** Items “outdated” by this date will not be included in the issue.

Please adhere to the following format for all references:

  • Journal article, one author: Last Name First Initial. Name of article. Periodical: Volume(Number), pages, year of publication.
  • Journal article, two to six authors: Last Name First Initial, Last Name First Initial, etc. Name of article. Periodical: Volume(Number), pages, year of publication.
  • Complete book: Last Name First Initial. Book Title. City, State: Publisher; year.
  • Chapter of book: Last Name First Initial. Chapter name. In: Last Name First Initial of book’s editor(s), ed(s). Book Title. City, State: Publisher; year: page number(s).
  • Web site: (Must contain an exact URL leading to the actual location of information cited)Author Last Name First Initial. Name of article. Available at: copy and paste URL from the information source page on the Internet browser. Accessed Month date, year. 

Prior Published Materials
Original work is preferred. When submitting an item that has already appeared in another publication, the person submitting the article must send the editor a signed consent statement from the original work’s author and publisher giving permission to reprint in Breathline.     

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