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ASPAN Research Grants

Research grants are awarded twice a year. Application deadlines are January 1st and June 15th of each year. Grant applicants will be notified of approval or denial by March 15th of the same year (January applicants) and by August 1st of the same year (June applicants). All grant awardees will be acknowledged at the ASPAN National Conference.

Please note: The ASPAN Research Grant Application has been updated on 12/1/19.

Research Grants applications and supporting materials must be submitted electronically in their entirety, no exceptions.

Please contact ASPAN Director for Research, Margaret McNeill PhD RN APRN-CNS CCRN-K CCNS TCRN CPAN NE-BC NHDP-BC FCNS FAAN, at pmcneill@aspan.org with any questions.

Please click here to download the Research Grant Application.

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