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2019 Research/EBP/QI Abstracts

ASPAN's 38th National Conference
May 5-9, 2019, Nashville, Tennessee

Information listed as submitted:

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Oral and Poster
Saving the Best for Last: Identifying and Intervening in Local Anesthetic Toxicity Emergency
pdf of Poster Board
  Primary Investigator:  Sasha Ramirez BSN RN CPAN
The University of Texas at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas
Co-Investigators:  Biji Chirrapattu BSN RN CPAN, Donna Conde BSN RN CPAN, Precious Byrd BSN RN CMSRN
Oral and Poster
Pediatric Perioperative Education: Are We Doing Enough at Geisinger Health System to Prepare our Pediatric Patients and Their Families for Surgery?
  Primary Investigators:  Amanda Wertz BS RN CAPA, Aimee Hess BSN RN
Geisinger Health System, Danville, Pennsylvania
Oral and Poster
An Evidenced Based Practice Approach to Malignant Hyperthermia (MH) Emergency Response: A Multidisciplinary Quality Improvement Initiative
  Primary Investigator:  Antonella Mossa MSN RN CPAN
Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois
Oral and Poster
An Exploration of Postoperative Delirium and Unplanned Perioperative Hypothermia in Surgical Patients
  Primary Investigators:  V. Doreen Wagner PhD RN CNOR, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia; Vallire Hooper PhD RN CPAN FAAN, Mission Health, Asheville, North Carolina
Co-Investigators:  Andrew Johnson PhD, Kaitlyn Bankieris PhD
People's Choice Winner Poster Presentation
Oral and Poster
Development of a Discharge Scoring Tool in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit
pdf of Poster
  Primary Investigators:  Robell Calucag BSN RN CPAN, Desireé Serfaty-Sokoli MSN RN APN FNP-BC NE-BC
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, New York
Co-Investigators:  Maureen Diver MSN RN CAPA, Kristyn DiFortuna MS RN CNS CPAN, Kathleen Lamb BSN RN CPAN, Jane Murphy MSN RN CNS CPAN, Francine Osikowicz MPH PA-c
Multisession Education Improves Nurses’ Knowledge and Confidence for Malignant Hyperthermia Crisis
  Primary Investigator:  Hazzel H. Gomez MSN BSN RN CAPA CPAN
The UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas
Co- Investigator:  Barbara J. Crim MBA BSN BA RN CNOR
Increasing Competence of PACU RNs Responding to Code Blue
  Primary Investigator:  Ayumi Fielden MSN RN CCRN-K CPAN
Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas
Co-Investigators: Pamela Northrop MSN RN CPAN, Laura Ortiz MSN BBA RN CCRN, Xavia Holmes-Fuller MSN RN CCRN
PACU Critical Care Program: Increasing Preceptor Knowledge and Confidence to Foster Future Generations of RNs
  Primary Investigators:  Ayumi Fielden MSN RN CCRN-K CPAN, Laura Ortiz MSN BBA RN CCRN
Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas
Co-Investigators:  Pamela Northrop MSN RN CPAN, Holly Rodriguez BSN RN-BC CCRN-CMC
Bedside Handoff Between the Peri-Anesthesia Care Unit and Medical-Surgical Unit
  Primary Investigator:  Ann-Marie Bermingham BSN
Brigham & Women’s Faulkner Hospital, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Pain, Nausea and…Thirst?
pdf of Poster
  Primary Investigator:  Joni Lauri RN BSN CPAN
University of Colorado Hospital, Aurora, Colorado
Implementing Sepsis-3 and the qSOFA in Ambulatory Services
  Primary Investigator: Debra Malone BSN RN CAPA
University of Colorado Hospital, Denver, Colorado
Effect of Prewarming on Inadvertent Hypothermia and Thermal Comfort
pdf of Poster
  Primary Investigators:  Kathryn Mercado BSN RN, Denise Rainier RN MBA BSN
MemorialCare Long Beach Medical Center, Long Beach, California
Co-Investigators:  Adrianna Medina RN CNOR, Marci Trump MSN RN CNOR, Janeen Lozada BSN RN CPAN, Peggy Kalowes PhD RN CNS FAHA
Interactive Text Notification of Arrival Times for Pediatric Surgery Patients
pdf of Poster
  Primary Investigators: Susan N. Kamerling MSN RN BC, Linda C. Lawler MA RN
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cut to the Chase: Pre-op Surgical Clipping
  Primary Investigators: Michele Gatt BSN RN, Sara Shubert RN
Heart and Vascular Institute at Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio
Co-Investigators: Susan Mastrandrea BSN RN PCCN, Cindy Plato BSN RN CAPA
Optimizing Surgery Patients in a Perioperative Care Clinic
  Primary Investigator:  Rebecca Serra BSN RN CAPA
Inova Alexandria Hospital (IAH), Alexandria, Virginia
Co-investigators:  Dorothy Boresky DNP RN NE-BC, Sabrina Salem BSN RN FNP-C DNP (Student), Erin Bartko MSN RN AGNP-BC, Masaio Turay MSN RN APRN FNP-BC
Successful Introduction of Music Therapy for Post-Operative Pain, Anxiety and Nausea in the Adult Oncology Patient
  Primary Investigators:  Danielle Plapus-George RN BSN, Charlene Weiss RN BSN OCN
Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, Buffalo, New York
Inhaled Peppermint Aromatherapy for Treatment of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting: A Compliment to Traditional Pharmacological Treatments
  Primary Investigator:  Karen Abril MSN RN CAPA
White Plains Hospital, White Plains, New York
Co-Investigators:  Shannon Diaz RN BSN, Toyoko Yasui MSN RN OCN AHN-BC HWNC-BC CCAP CHTP, Kristen Collins BSN RN CPAN, Ashley Purdy MSN AGNP CPAN, Karen Kennedy RN CPAN, Stephanie Maldonado RN CPAN
Decreasing the Incidence of Post-Operative Urinary Retention (POUR) and Incontinence with the Total Joint Replacement Patients after Spinal Anesthesia in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU): A Quality Improvement Project
pdf of Poster
  Primary Investigator:  Shannon M. Wishart MSN RN CSRN
UPMC Passavant, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Minimizing Distractions and Interruptions at the Pyxis Machine Thus Improving Safety
  Primary Investigator:  Ann Marie Culver RN CAPA
Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, Massachusetts
Co-Investigators:  Alison Colburn RN BSN CAPA, Nancy Falvey RN BSN CAPA
Nasal Cannula Versus Face Tent for Oxygen Delivery in the Post Anesthesia Setting
  Principal Investigator: Patricia Panfile MAN RN CPAN
Hunterdon Medical Center, Flemington, New Jersey
Co-Investigator:  Donna Cole PhD RN CNOR NE-BC
A Retrospective Analysis to Analyze Health Data and OSA Risk in Women
pdf of Poster
  Primary Investigator:  Kimberly Latham BSN RN CCRN
The Christ Hospital Health Network, Cincinnati, Ohio
Co-Investigators:  Tamera Bird BSN RN CCRN, Brenda Johnson MSN RN, Victoria Roelker RRT, Mark Scherer BSN RN
Examining Nurse Satisfaction Using the Digital Patient Summary: A FastTrack Method of Handover Report
  Primary Investigator:  Imelda C. Principe DNP RN MSN CPAN CCRN ASLNC-C
NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital, New York, New York
Aromatherapy as Adjunctive Therapy for Post-Op Nausea and Vomiting
  Primary Investigator:  Nancy Castellano BSN RN CPAN CAPA CCAP
Overlook Medical Center, Summit, New Jersey
Co-Investigator:  Nowai Keleekai-Brapoh PhD RN-BC
Surgery Center Quality Improvement Study: Identifying Barriers to Patient Readiness to the Operating Room—Phase I
pdf of Poster
  Primary Investigators:  Christine Deitrick BS RN CAPA, Sandra Price MS RN CAPA, Gianna Cocuzzi RN CAPA, Cherie Buckley MS RN, Cynthia Lucieer BSN RN CAPA
University of Rochester Medical Center’s Same Day Surgical Center, Rochester, New York
Co-Investigators:  Theresa Carter MS RN, Lisa Englerth BSN RN CAPA, Elizabeth A. Anson MS
Introducing the Clinically Aligned Pain Assessment
pdf of Poster
  Primary Investigators:  Penny Mclain RN CPAN, Theresa Nelson RN BSN CPAN
Providence St Vincent Hospital, Portland, Oregon
Co-Investigator:  Mary J. Waldo PhD RN GCNS-BC
Gel In Gel Out: Perioperative Hand Hygiene Compliance
  Primary Investigator:  Sherie Munaretto BSN RN CPAN CAPA
City of Hope, Duarte, California
2nd Place Poster Presentation
Screening Matters for OSA
pdf of Poster
  Primary Investigator:  Kathy Lopez-Bushnell EdD MPH MSN APRN
University of New Mexico Hospitals, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Co-Investigator:  Connie Hardy Tabet MSN RN CPAN CAPA FASPAN
Three Es to Improving Outcomes: Education, Engagement and Enhanced Recovery
pdf of Poster
  Primary Investigators:  Alida Wagner MSN RN APN/CNS CPHQ, Naomi Kroncke RN, Melissa Johnson RN MSN CPAN
Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital, Geneva, Illinois
Co-Investigators:  Kate Johnson RN BSN, Stephanie Reed RN BSN, Stephanie Mikkelson RN BSN, LeeAnn Jackson RN
Music Listening in the PACU in Patients Undergoing Adenotonsillectomy Surgery
pdf of Poster
  Primary Investigator:  Deborah Scalford MSN RN
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Co-Investigators:  Karen Slater BSN RN, Margaret Dunn BSN RN CPN, Anne Marguerite Weisman RN
Surgical Normothermia; Achieving the Triple Aim
  Primary Investigator:  Dawnmarie Devito MSN-ED RN CPAN
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, New Brunswick, New Jersey
Co-Investigators:  Michele Dickson BSN RN CAPA, Susan Elliott BSN RN, Karin Graulich MSN RN, Danuta Niewinska BSN RN, Jennifer Pirozzi BSN RN CNOR
Effects of Transport on Oral Temperature of Post-Surgical Patients Transported from PACU to Nursing Units
  Primary Investigators:  Kathy Dureault MSN RN CPAN
St. Joseph Hospital, Orange, California
Co-Investigator:  Susan Violette ASN RN CPAN
PACU Pioneers Around the World: Nursing Quality Improvement Strategies in Kenya
  Primary Investigator:  Summer Fitts BSN RN CPAN
Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, Tennessee
Co-Investigator:  Serah Nyaga RN
AIC Kijabe Hospital, Kijabe, Kenya
Co-Investigators:  Grace Umutesi MPH, Dr. Matthew McEvoy MD, Dr. Mark Newton MD
Factors Nurses Consider when Making the Decision to Medicate for Pain in the PACU: The Embedded Knowledge Within Practice
  Primary Investigator:  Danielle Dunwoody PhD MS BSc BScN RN
Halton Healthcare, Oakville, Ontario
University at Buffalo, School of Nursing, New York
Hospital Nurses Perception of Transition to Practice
  Primary Investigator:  Christina Harris MSN RN-BC
Mid Coast Hospital, Brunswick, Maine
Co-Investigator:  Mary Will RN BSN CAPA
Using Evidenced Based Practice (EBP) To Develop Guidelines for Improve Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Patient Care
  Primary Investigator:  Kristin Spurr MSN RN-C
UC San Diego Health, La Jolla, California
Co-Investigators:  Melana Mcleod RRT
Aromatherapy in the PACU
pdf of Poster
  Primary Investigators:  Jill de la Vega BSN RN CCRN, Cheryl Gilliand BSN RN,
Laura Martinez MSN RN
University of Chicago Medicine, Chicago, Illinois
Co-Investigators:  Beth Nardi MSN RN, Nicole L. Pierce MSN RN
Improving Patient and Family Satisfaction in PeriAnesthesia Setting
  Primary Investigators:  JoAnn Daugherty PhD RN CNL
UC San Diego Health, San Diego, California
Co-Investigators: Esther Lee MBA MNP RN CHEL, Sharon Roberto MSN RN CPAN
Improving First Case Surgical Start Times by Improving Wayfinding
  Primary Investigator: Esther Lee RN MBA MNP CHEL
UC San Diego Health, San Diego, CA
Co-Investigators: Joanne Selga RN BSN,CCRN,  JoAnn Daugherty RN PhD CNL, Ulrich Schmidt MD PhD MBA
3rd Place Poster Presentation
Effectiveness of MPEWS at Predicting Pediatric Risk Events and Unplanned ICU Admissions in a PACU Setting
  Primary Investigator:  Ben White BSN RN CCRN 
Seattle Children’s Hospital, Seattle, Washington
Co-Investigators:  Pamela Christensen MN ACCNS-P RN-BC CPN, Kristen Carlin MPH
Are Employee Longevity and Job Satisfaction Related to Generational Differences Among the Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and the Millennials?
  Primary Investigators:  Kim Barker ADN RN CAPA, Rebecca Waters ADN RN CAPA
CaroMont Regional Medical Center, Gastonia, North Carolina
The Clinical Application of Noninvasive Minute Ventilation Monitor in the Perioperative Setting: Preliminary Results from 4 Sites Within Kaiser Permanente Medical System
  Primary Investigators:  Vimal Desai MD, Jennifer Dang RN, Ryan Depakakibo RN
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Baldwin Park, California
Clinical Implications of Monitor Alarms: A Comparative Study on SpO2, EtCO2 and Respiratory Volume Monitoring in Perioperative Settings
  Primary Investigators:  Vimal Desai MD, Jennifer Dang RN, Ryan Depakakibo RN
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Baldwin Park, California
I Am Listening: Improving Discharge Instructions Among Same Day Surgery Patients in UCLA Santa Monica PTU/PACU
  Primary Investigator: Hannah Jacinto BSN RN
UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica, California
Co-Investigators: Cirha Becker BSN RN PCCN, David Miller MSN MHA RN NE-BC, Vi Nguyen RN BSN CPAN CNII, Tammy Camacho RN CNII, Foluso Akende ACCP
Protocol for Use of Respiratory Volume Monitoring in the PACU of a Tertiary Care Medical Center
  Primary Investigators:  Jennifer O’Dwyer BSN RN
Tufts Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts
Co-Investigators:  Jasmin Imsirovic PhD, Farhad Zahedi MD, Iwona Bonney PhD, Roman Schumann MD
Preoperative Acetaminophen in Surgical Patients:  Does the Administration Route (Intravenous versus Oral) Affect Postoperative Outcomes?
pdf of Poster
  Primary Investigator:  Diana Pelzer MSN RN CAPA
TriHealth Bethesda Butler, Hamilton, Ohio
Co-Investigators:  Jennifer Cox BSN RN, Elizabeth Burgess MD, Rachel Baker PhD RN
Implementing Enhanced Surgical Recovery Across Service Lines: The Future is Yesterday
  Primary Investigator:  Vicki Morton DNP AGNP-BC
Providence Anesthesiology Associates, Charlotte, North Carolina
Co-Investigator:  Desiree Chappell MSN CRNA
Pediatric Early Warning Score (PEWS) Implementation in the PACU
pdf of Poster
  Primary Investigator:  Lauren Boston MSN RN PNP-PC
Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, Nashville, Tennessee
Co-Investigators:  Leigh Ann Chadwell MSN RN NE-BC, Kate Copeland MSN RN NEA-BC, Carrie Menser MD, Barbara Shultz RN MSN BSN NEA-BC
1st Place Poster Presentation
Fast Track Program for Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Perioperative Setting
  Primary Investigators:  Sheila Birlin BSN RN CPN, Melissa Swanson BSN RN CPN
Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona
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