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2009 Research Abstracts
ASPAN's 28th National Conference

April 19-23, 2009, Washington, DC

Information listed as submitted. 

Adherence to Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis Guidelines in Surgical Patients
Denise W. Mehravaran DNP RN
Autumn Schumacher PhD RN

An Evidence Based Practice Initiative: Buffered Lidocaine as Intradermal Anesthesia for Intravenous Catheter Insertion in Children and Adults
Kelly Lancaster BSN RN CAPA

An Evidence Based Study on the Minimum Volume of Blood Wastage from Arterial Lines
Wanda Rodriguez MA RN CCRN CPAN
Joyce Kane MSN RN CCRN
Doreen McCarty BSN RN CPAN 
Stephanie Nolan MS RN CPAN
Mary O'Sullivan BSN RN CPAN
Denise Stone BSN RN CPAN

Oral & Poster
Family Visitation in the PACU: The Current State of Practice in the United States
Kathleen DeLeskey MSN RN CPAN

Improving Communications and Patient Safety Within Post-Anesthesia Care Units
Rebecca Arndt BSN CNOR
Matthew Weinger MD
Daniel J. France PhD MPH
Audrey Kuntz RN EdD
Jason Slagle PhD
Theodore Speroff PhD

Oral & Poster
Post Discharge Nausea and Vomiting in Ambulatory Surgical Patients: Incidence and Management Strategies
Jan Odom-Forren PhD© RN CPAN FAAN
Christian Afpel MD PhD 
Zohn Centimole CRNA
Lynne Hall RN DrPH 
Joseph Holtman MD PhD 
Terry Lennie PhD RN 
Debra Moser DNSc RN FAAN 
Oliver Radke MD PhD 
Melissa Thomas RN

Outcomes Following Adenotonsillectomy
Sue M. Hadden BSN RN
Sally Skotcher BSN RN
Mary DeGrandis RN

Preferences for Visitation in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)
Nancy M. Albert PhD RN CCNS CCRN NE-BC

Oral & Poster
Reducing the Pain of IV Cannulation: Comparing the Effectiveness of Intradermal Buffered Lidocaine to Intradermal Bacteriostatic Normal Saline
Sonia Vercier RN CGRN
Sandra Burke PhD RN APRN BC
Ra'Net Bye BSN RN
P. Corinn Desmond BS RN CAPA
Yvonne Reese RN CGRN

State of the State: Informatics in the Perianesthesia Setting
Marisa L. Wilson DNSc RN-BC

Oral & Poster
Temperature Measurement in Patients Undergoing Colorectal Surgery and Gynecology Surgery: A Comparison of Esophageal Core, Temporal Artery, and Oral Methods
Carol Machemer BSN RN
Emily Calonder BSN RN 
Cindy Gustafson BSN RN
James Hodges PhD
Donna Johnson BSN-BC RN
Leo Lovejoy CRNA
Lori Reiland ASQ-CMQOE
Sue M. Sendelbach PhD RN CCNS FAHA
Gary Trummel MD

The Effects of Individual Emotional Intelligence and Group Emotional Competence on Active Duty Military and Civilian Nurse-to-Nurse Hostility and Confrontational Anxiety: An Integral, Descriptive Study
Tommie L. Jones MS RN CPAN
Daniela Argentino CPT AN BSN

The Impact of Music on the PACU Patient's Perception of Discomfort
Betty J. Easter RN CPAN
Laura DeBoer RN CAPA
Vickie Marlowe BSN RN CPAN
Gail Settlemyre BSN RN CPAN
Carolyn Starnes MSN RN CNM CPAN

Oral & Poster
Use of the Essential Oil Lavandin to Alleviate Preoperative Anxiety
Rebecca Braden BSN RN CAPA
Margo Halm PhD RN
Susan Reichow BSN RN

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