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A Competency-Based Orientation Program for the Registered Nurse in the Perianesthesia Setting - 2019 Edition

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This is a comprehensive guide to support competency and skill development for perianesthesia nurses. Written and peer-reviewed by perianesthesia experts, this manual outlines essential performance criteria to be utilized in the orientation process of the nurse new to perianesthesia care, a reference of best practices for the veteran nurse, and a source of annual clinical updates for the entire perianesthesia nursing staff. 

Performance criteria outlined in this manual apply to nurses in all phases of perianesthesia care. The chapters are written in an easy-to-use outline format, and include competency statements with defined criteria, test questions, and best practice boxes designed to highlight emerging/key topics in today’s perianesthesia climate. An appendix with case scenarios and answer keys written for each of the chapters as well as an appendix of newly revised competency sign-off tables have been added to this edition.

Chapters focus on clinical, professional, and leadership topics, including teamwork, evidence-based practice, preanesthesia care, airway, cardiovascular, renal, moderate sedation, anesthesia agents and adjuncts, fluid management, pain and comfort, nausea and vomiting, hypothermia, geriatric assessment, postoperative teaching and discharge readiness, medical imaging and interventional procedures, legal issues, and cultural competence. Three new chapters on quality, safety, and orientation strategies for the educator/preceptor/nurse leader have also been added to this manual. Approx. 600 pp.

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A Competency-Based Orientation Program for the Registered Nurse in the Perianesthesia Setting
2019 Edition

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