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2021 Celebrate Successful Practices
Abstracts and Posters
ASPAN's 40th National Conference
April 25-29, 2021

Oral and Poster C_1
We've Got Spirit! - Pre- and Post-Op In-Patient Visits

Oral and Poster C_2
Oh Baby! There’s a Pregger in My PACU…

Oral and Poster C_3
Ketamine Infusion in an Outpatient Surgical Facility

Oral and Poster C_4
In Situ Simulation in an Ambulatory Surgery Center

Oral and Poster C_5
Implementation of Pre-operative Surgical Instructional Brochure Utilizing ERAS, Research, and Evidenced Based Perianesthesia Practice

Oral and Poster C_6
Increasing the Utilization of End Tidal Carbon Dioxide (ETCO2) Monitoring in PACU

Oral and Poster C_7
Preoperative COVID-19 Testing in a Pediatric Ambulatory Setting: Lessons Learned

Oral and Poster C_8
Improve Communication in the Peri-Anesthesia Division in An Escape Room Setting

Oral and Poster C_9
Perioperative Care of the Transgender Patient

Poster C_10
Improvement of Discharge Education for Pediatric Outpatient Surgical Patients

Poster C_11
Standardizing Research Protocol Practice on a Procedural Recovery Unit Through Effective Communication and Staff Education

Poster C_12
Nursing Best Practice: Promoting Medication Safety on Commonly Used Medications in the Ambulatory Surgery PACU

Poster C_13
Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Chronic Pain Management: Low Dose Ketamine Infusion

Poster C_14
A Collaborative Approach to Implementing Blue Light Cystoscopy

Poster C_15
Non-Invasive Core Temperature Monitoring System: Providing Consistent, Reliable Temperature Measurement in the Perianesthesia Patient

Poster C_16
Administering Ketamine Infusions for Depression: Embracing Change in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit

Poster C_17
Post-Operative Craniotomy Pathway - PACU to Floor Pilot

Poster C_18
Standardizing the Teach-Back Method for Post Procedure Discharge Instructions to Improve Patient Satisfaction

Poster C_19
Low Flow Nasal Cannula Versus Face Tent Use in Post-Operative Care

Poster C_20
Modified PACU Discharge Process During COVID-19 Pandemic

Poster C_21
A Proactive Nurse Driven Systematic Approach for Covid Screening for Patients Undergoing Aerosol Generating Procedures

Poster C_22
Mobilizing PACU Nurses to Provide Critical Care during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Poster C_23
Multidisciplinary Approach for a Phase II Pediatric Pandemic Recovery Plan

Poster C_24
Adaptations and Evolution during COVID-19 in a Pediatric Satellite Setting 

Poster C_25
“Over 10,000 Served” – Covid Drive Thru

Poster C_26
UF Health Jacksonville Perioperative Services COVID-19 Reactive Care Model

Poster C_27
Perioperative Team “Answering the Call”

Poster C_28
Active Shooter Workshop

Poster C_29
Redesigning the Pre-Admission Testing Process in a Specialized Children's Hospital, Moving Towards a Model of Care Coordination

Poster C_30
Standardization of Nonverbal Report

Poster C_31
Managing PACU Workflow on the Integrated Procedural Platform (IPP)

Poster C_32
Transition of Hospital Based Endoscopy Nurses to an Ambulatory Setting

Poster C_33
Reinventing the Handoff Process: Bringing Standardized Bedside Report to Perioperative Services

Poster C_34
Nurse Discharge by Criteria Decreases Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) Length of Stay

Poster C_35
Extended Recovery Unit - Restructuring the Discharge and Communication Process

Poster C_36
Recovery 2.0

Poster C_37
Bridging the Communication Gaps from Preop to Phase II

Poster C_38
First Case On-Time Starts Barriers and Strategies to Success and Sustainability

Poster C_39
Enhanced Recovery After Surgery at Howard County General Hospital: A Multidisciplinary and Collaborative Initiative

Poster C_40
Diffusion of Successful Same Day Discharge Practice for Total Joint Arthroplasty Patients to a Select Population of Mastectomy Patients

Poster C_41
Effective Collaboration Towards Positive Perioperative Outcomes for the Cardiac Surgery Patient in the Preoperative Phase of Care

Poster C_42
Breakin’ Up is Hard to Do! - Standardized Pre-Operative Phone Call

Poster C_43
In the Zone: A Team Approach to Pre- and Post-Operative Patient Care

Poster C_44
Implementing a Medical Emergency and Rapid Intervention Team

Poster C_45
Preparing for the Unknown: Simulation-based Training in a New Procedural /PACU Area to Increase Patient Safety

Poster C_46
Creating LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device) Knowledgeable Tool and Training for Unlicensed Assistive Personnel in the Perianesthesia Setting

Poster C_47
Perioperative Nursing Simulation and its Influence on Student Nurses’ Career Interest

Poster C_48
“Who wants to be a CERTIFIED Millionaire?” A Multifaceted Approach to Increasing Certification

Poster C_49
If at First You Don’t Succeed...Collaborate, Communicate and Educate to Improve Inpatient Readiness for Surgery

Poster C_50
Implementing a New EMR.  How Should We Train the Staff?

Poster C_51
Implementation Orientation for Post-Operative Nurses

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