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2017 Celebrate Successful Practices Abstracts

ASPAN's 36th National Conference
April 30 - May 4, 2017, Indianapolis, Indiana

Information listed as submitted. Click on the title of the Abstract for a .pdf of the presentation; click on the highlighted individual to email for more information on the Abstract.  

Preop Screening
Oral and Poster
Nurse-Anesthesia Collaboration in Preadmission Testing To Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs
  Team Leader:  Diane Brackin RN CAPA
Longmont United Hospital Centura Health, Longmont, Colorado
Team Members:  Ruth Gwin RN BSN, Linda Hirt RN CAPA
Preoperative Screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Enhancing Perioperative Safety
  Team Leader:  Mary Frances Mullins DNP RN CPAN CAPA CRNA
Sutter Memorial Medical Center, Modesto, California
Development of a Pre-op Pediatric Medication Administration Guideline for RN Callers
  Team Leader:  Michele Acker ARNP
Seattle Children’s Hospital, Seattle, Washington
Team Members:  Nancy Deem RN
Optimizing High-Risk Patients Pre-Operatively
  Team Leaders:  Pamela Ogens MSN RN, Gina LaCapra MD  
Atlantic Health System – Overlook Medical Center, Summit, New Jersey
Team Members:  Susan Cabatic BA RN, Lori Petty BS RN, Patti Krell BSN RN, Glen Paris MD, Paul Starker MD, Alan Sarokhan MD, Jane Ripperger  
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"Back to Basics" Bootcamp
  Team Leaders:  Katrina Push BSN RN, Toya Clemons MSN RN AGPCNP-BC, Mari-Kay Haubert BSN RN
VA Medical Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Team Members:  Diane Bowling RN, Diana Brunner RN BSN, Claudia McCormick-Male RN BS, Marilyn Gardner RN, Kris Earl RN BSN, Heddy Mallabo RN BSN, Bill Ehrsam RN, Hillary Guerin RN BSN, Matthew Hendren RN BSN, Blake Williams RN BSN, Beth Henry RN BSN, Nancy Lash RN BSN, Cheryl Aton RN, Verlane Gray RN BSN
Wiping Away SSI
  Team Leaders:  Lauri Ledbeter MSN RN-BC CNE CAPA, Cindy Rasmussen MSN RN CPAN, Tara Neumann BSN RN, Georgia Gauron RN MA CIC
Providence Health Care, Spokane, Washington
Team Members:  Becca Bartles RN, Maureen Kohler RN CAPA, Abbi Spilker RN, Renee Betzendorfer RN, Linda Morgan RN, Heidi Cooper RN, Mary Spangler RN, Shawna Beese BSN MBA
Implementation of a Learner-Centered Educational Program for Developing Hands-On Critical Care Knowledge and Clinical Judgment Skills for the PACU Nurse
  Team Leader:  Melanie Harvey BS RN CCRN
St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center, Syracuse, New York
Sustaining A CAUTI Prevention Bundle
  Team Leaders:  Valsa Kuriachan BSN RN CVRN, Staci Eguia MSN RN CCRN
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas
Team Members:  Dwayne E. Brown RN CPAN, Cecilia Rodriguez RN CPAN, Donna Conde BSN RN CPAN, Anna Mae Josue BSN RN CPAN, Cori Kopecky MSN RN OCN, Bree Carroll BSN RN CMSRN, Claire Zimmerman BSN RN CPAN, Arturo Galicia, Patient Service Coordinator
To Void Or Not To Void
  Team Leader:  Elsa Bahiru MPH RN
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas
Trial to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Aromatherapy as an Alternative Treatment for PONV in PACU and Same Day Surgery
  Team Leaders:  Patricia Crosby RN BSN MA CCRN CPAN, Staff Nurse IV, Luvimin Rzepiela RN BSN CAPA, Staff Nurse III
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Summit Campus, Oakland, California
Music Therapy in PACU, “Calming the Savage Beast”
  Team Leaders:  Melanie Bauer BSN RN CPAN, Kim Campbell MSN RN PHCNS-BC CCRN CAPA
Bayhealth Medical Center, Dover and Milford, Delaware
Identification & Prevention of Pressure Ulcers Originating During Perioperative Care
  Team Leaders:  Cam Felismino MSN RN
University of Cincinnati Medical Center, Cincinnati, Ohio
Team Members:  Tyler French, Tausha Gooden BSN RN, Daniel Peters RN CNOR
Process Change: Increasing Efficiency and Compliance in SCD Application in PACU
  Team Leader:  Shandra Edwards MSN RN 
Barnes Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri
Team Members:  Janelle Holthaus RN MSN AGCNS-BC, Sandra Filla RN MSN AGCNS-BC
Improving Patient Safety by Identifying Fall Risks
  Team Leader:  Shandra Edwards MSN RN
Barnes Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri
Team Member:  Janelle Holthaus MSN AGCNS-BC
Don't Wait for a Weight
  Team Leader:  (Evelyn) Chris Skinner MSN RN CAPA
Christiana Care Health System, Newark, Delaware
Team Members:  Susan Volk MSN RN CCRN CPAN, Penny Rathmanner BSN RN CAPA, Ellen Rombach BSN RN CPAN, Kevin Hawkins Senior Analyst, Perioperative Services
Oral and Poster
Get a Grip on SSI's: Implementing Our Guidance for SSI Reduction and Infection Prevention (GRIP) Protocol to Improve Outcomes in Total Joint Replacement Patients
  Team Leaders:  Wendy Ferro-Grant RN MSN CNOR, Stephanie Salgado RN MSN CPAN
Mission Hospital, Mission Viejo, California
Team Members:  Suzanne Torromeo RN BSN CPAN CAPA, Tom Yoneda RN BSN CNOR, Kenneth Wilkins MD, Mohamed Abdi MPH CIC, Hilary Metcalf MPH CIC, Heidi Christensen RN BSN, Sandy Kamikihara-Tran RN BSN, Kenna Stone RN BSN CMSRN, Linda Sieglen MD, Debora Edeberi-Busbi RN BSN, Teresa Crowe RN
Improved Recovery With Tranexamic Acid: Up and Walking and Rarely Talking About Blood Transfusion
  Team Leaders:  Toni Milne ADN RN CPAN, Amanda Charlton PT DPT 
Texas Health Huguley Hospital Fort Worth South, Burleson, Texas
Team Members:  Brad Harville MSNA CRNA, James Hall R.Ph., Jean Moskal BSN RN CPAN, Joyce Melius MSN EdD RN-BC CCRN-K
Oral and Poster
Delirium? What Does This Have To Do With Preop or PACU? Increasing Perianesthesia Nursing Role Awareness to Increase Prevention and Early Recognition of Delirium in the Geriatric Surgical Patient
  Team Leader:  JoAnn L. Anderson MSN RN BC-ACNS CCRN CPAN
Mayo Clinic Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona
Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Averting a Respiratory Emergency
  Team Leader:  Susanne Lavery BSN RN CPAN NE-BC
Southern New Hampshire Health System, Nashua, New Hampshire 
Team Members:  Michelle Toto RN BA CPAN, Cheryl Siebert RN BSN CPAN, Eric Lindquist BS RRT CPFT, Ann Marie Trowbridge BSN RN MBA NE-BC, Kathy Helberg BSN RN CPHQ 
Oral and Poster
Stop Block & Roll: A Pre-Surgical RN Pilot Program
  Team Leaders:  Keith Karwelies BSN RN ONC, Wanda Rodriguez MA RN CCRN CPAN, Terri Ruiz BSN RN OCN
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center: Josie Robertson Surgery Center, New York, New York
Team Members:  Alexis Balingcongan BSN RN, Annalisa Concepcion BSN RN, Melissa Gilbert BSN RN CAPA, Lisa Faivus RN, Marcia Levine MSN RN NE-BC, Grace McCarthy MS RN CNOR, Rhonda Lynn Mol BSN RN, Noelle Paul BSN RN OCN CAPA, Danielle Silletti BSN RN CAPA, Amanda Steiner BSN RN, Hanae Tokita MD
Caring for Cutting Edge Breast Reconstruction Procedures in the PACU
  Team Leaders:  Patricia Newman BSN RN CPAN, Deidre Devaux MSN RN CPAN, Julia Rodriguez BSN RN
Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
Team Members:  Rita Senra Costa BSN RN, Meghan Cahill BSN RN, Cara Bailey BSN RN, Karen Lane MSN RN, Robert Veilleux MSN RN
Improving Patient Outcomes With Capnography Monitoring in the PACU
  Team Leaders:  Amanda Carmichael MSN MBA RN, Beth DeRego MSN RN CPAN CAPA  
St. Joseph Hospital, Nashua, New Hampshire
Multidisciplinary Team Approach Significantly Reduces Stat Calls, ICU Transfers, and Postoperatively Respiratory Failure Rates
  Team Leaders:  Tamera Bird BSN RN CCRN, Kimberly Latham BSN RN CCRN
The Christ Hospital Health Network, Cincinnati, Ohio
Team Members:  Brenda Johnson BSN RN CPAN CPHQ, Victoria Roelker RRT, Joyce Burke BSN BES RN CPAN NE-BC
Rapid Recovery in PACU
  Team Leader:  Shelly Kovach RN CPAN
Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio
Team Members:  Colleen Cummins BSN RN CEN, Cathy Prince BSN RN CPAN, Alisha Silagy BSN RN
Perioperative Foley Removal Project Using Rapid Cycle Improvement and Lean Methodology
  Team Leader:  Emylene Untalan MSN RN CCRN CPAN
Baylor University Medical Center part of Baylor Scott and White Health, Dallas, Texas
Team Members:  Minerva Mendoza BSN RN CCRN CPAN, Chiharu Davis BSN RN, Mary Gardner BSN RN CNOR, Katie Putman BSN RN CNOR,  Doug Robinson BSN MBA RN CNOR 
Quiet Campaign
  Team Leader:  Carol Brown RN MA CPAN
St. Anthony’s Medical Center, St. Louis, Missouri
Team Members:  Beverly Stillwell RN BSN CPAN, Lauren Schoolfield RN BSN, Kasey Wilhelm RN, Mary Blake RN CPAN
New Day Surgery Unit: Patient Centered Care
  Team Leader:  Rose D. Ziffra MSN RN CPAN CAPA 
Amita Health Adventist Medical Center, Hinsdale, Illinois
Team Members:  Noella Acosta-Brewer, MSN RN CPAN CNL, Eliza Feniza, BSN RN-BC
Oral and Poster
Successful Implementation of an Intraprofessional Enhanced Recovery Protocol
  Team Leaders:  Donna Goyer BS RN CPAN CAPA, Cindy Hodges BSHS RNC FCN, Jessica Redden BSN RN CEN, Patti Shorner BSN RN
Carilion Clinic, Roanoke, Virginia
Team Members:  Deborah Copening MSN RN CNOR, Sandy Fogel MD FACS, Margaret Perry MSN RN-BC
Oral and Poster
"We Hear You" Changing the Culture of Caring, One Patient at a Time
  Team Leader:  Jennifer Cui Vergara RN BSN CAPA
Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center, Houston, Texas
Team Members:  Maria L. Woodmansee RN BSN CPAN, Lissy David RN BSN CAPA, Sylva McClurkin RN MSN CAPA
The Successful Transition from an In-Person PPE Program Model to a Phone PPE Model
  Team Leader:  Sharon Kelly-Sammon BSN RN CAPA
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
Team Members:  Caroline Horgan MSN RN CPC and PATA Director, Lucy Milton MSN RN CPAN CAPA CPC and PATA CNS
The PPE Phone Team:  Joan Braccio BSN RN, Mary Canney-Zingg BSN RN, Barbara Crawley MSN RN, Susan Croteau BSN RN, Diana Darby BSN RN, Mary Herald RN, Jane Howley BSN RN, Regis MacDonald RN CAPA, Doreen McPherson RN, Michelle McDonald RN, Karen Miller RN, Karen Parmenter MSN RN, Donna Van Kleeck MSN RN, Shellie Varano RN, Cheryl Walsh-Stevenson RN, Patricia Zelano BSN RN JD
One Patient at a Time: Improving the Patient Experience in Preop
  Team Leader:  Michelle Johann RN BSN PHN
City of Hope National Medical Center, Duarte, California
Team Members:  Virginia Dolores RN BSN, Kerry Caldwell RN BSN CNOR
Perioperative Stroke Screening Tool (PhaseI)
  Team Leaders:  Julie Busseau BSN RN CPAN, Kristin Seidl PhD RN
University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), Baltimore, Maryland
Team Members:  Beatrice Hazzard MS RN CPAN, Michael S. Phipps MD MHS, Jacqueline Y. Dash MJ BSN QIC, Karen Yarbrough MS CRNP
Improving Throughput and Patient Flow in the PACU
  Team Leaders:  Toni Velasquez RN BSN
New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell, New York, New York
Team Members:  Hae Youn Lee RN BSN, Schuyler Widhalm RN MSN, Sarah Flood RN MPA CCRN
Nurse-Driven Assessment of Post-Surgical Flaps
  Team Leaders:  Angela Patruno BSN RN, Kanika Williams BSN RN
New York Presbyterian Weill-Cornell Medical Center, PACU, New York, New York
Team Members:  Schuyler Widhalm MSN RN, Sarah Flood MPA RN CCRN, Laura Maglione MA RN CCRN CPAN
The Nerve of it All! Improving Compliance for Periprocedural Neurological Assessments for Carotid Endarterectomy (CEA) and Carotid Artery Stent (CAS) Patients
  Team Leader: Kevin Fogarty RN BSN ENC
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Team Members:  Anne McLeod RN DNPc, Kirk Romans RN BSN, Denise O’Brien RN DNP CNS CPAN CAPA FAAN, Mary Jo Kocan RN MSN, Nancy Strzyzewski RN MSN CPAN CAPA, Sarah Easthope RN BSN, Theresa Hosey, Dr. Aditya Pandey, Dr. Nicholas Osborne, Dr. Laurel Moore, Dr. Eric Adelman, Jenevra Foley BS RHIA, Tiffany Hoang RN BSN
Same Day Hysterectomy
  Team Leader:  Carmelita Villegas BSN RN
Good Samaritan Hospital, Puyallup, Washington
Team Member:  Sandra Ross BSN RN CPAN
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Patient-Controlled Analgesia: Improving Patient Hand Off and Increasing Patient Safety
  Team Leaders:  Reshma Thomas BSN RN CCRN
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas
Team Members:  Jisha T. Pappachan BSN RN, Kunjumol Saban MSN RN CCRN, Neethu Valimattathil BSN RN CMSRN
Boarding Pass: Improving Staff and Patient Engagement in the Pre-Procedure Verification Process
  Team Leader:  Geraldine delos Santos MSN RN CPAN
Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, Houston, Texas
Team Members:  Jannette Clary BSN RN CNOR RNFA, Amanda Davis BSN RN CPN, Stephanie Koenig-Vasquez BSN RN, Ann Kubanda BSN RN CCRN, Sue Lesser MSN RN-BC, Jean McBride Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Jennifer Rizzi BSN RN CPN, Danielle Salley BSN RN CPN, Julie Zurek RN CFRN
Oral and Poster
Standardized Communication to Improve Patient Safety in the PACU
  Team Leader:  Laura McDougall APRN CNS MSN RN PCCN
Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborns, San Diego, California
How the Effects of Timely Quality Communication Affects the Patient Experience
  Team Leader:  Debbie K. Sandlin BSN CPAN 
St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Edgewood, Kentucky
Transitions in Care: The Infamous Handoff
  Team Leader:  Danielle Mouradjian BSN RN CCRN
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Team Member:  Joyce Stengel MSN RN CNOR
Communication Handoff Tool Improving Patient Safety and Patient OR Readiness
  Team Leader:  Darlene Berghaier BSN RN CMSRN
Virtua Hospital, Voorhees, New Jersey
Team Members:  Bernadette Drumm RN, Colleen St John BSN RN, Jennifer L. Sulzner BSN RN OCN CAPA
Recovery Room Patient Report Card - An Effective Communication Tool
  Team Leaders:  Audrey McFadden BSN RN CPAN, Precy Dsouza MSN RN PCCN
Virtua Hospital, Voorhees Division Voorhees, New Jersey
Team Members:  Priscilla Kane RN CPAN, Deborah Larosa RN BSN
Connecting the Dots: Finding What Matters Most to Patients and Families
  Team Leaders:  Anita Norton MSN RN CPNP, Sheri Hall BSN RN
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Improving Handoff
  Team Leader:  Kristy Ratcliff RN
The Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio
Team Members:  Stacy Bond BSN, Mark Scherer RN, Jessica Meyers RN, Cassie Koop RN, Joyce Burke BSN CPAN NEA-BC
Improving Communication With Family for Post Anesthesia Patients
  Team Leader:  Dianne Morgan BSN RN CPAN
Salem Health, Salem, Oregon
Team Members:  Richard DeArmond BSN RN CMSRN, Clinical Informatics Coordinator, Nancy Dunn MS RN, Clinical Excellence Coordinator
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I Got Chills and I Am Losing Control: Resolving Performance Anxiety in New Nurse Grad
  Team Leader:  Mary Rachel Romero MSN RN CPAN CAPA
University of Colorado Hospital, Aurora, Colorado
Team Members:  Salem Shaffer BSN RN, Allison Staub BSN RN, Crystal Brauer BSN RN CPAN, Raelyn Nicholson BSN RN CPAN
Incorporating the ASPAN Competency Based Orientation and Credentialing Program into a Successful Orientation Program
  Team Leader:  Rebecca Killian BSN RN CPAN
Mercy Medical Center, Baltimore, Maryland
Team Member:  Tanya LeCompte Hoffman MSN RN ACNS-BC CPAN
Oral and Poster
Development of a New Grad Orientation Program in a Pediatric PACU
  Team Leaders:  Dawn Brundage BSN RN, CPAN, Staff Nurse Level III, Pam Lundergan BSN RN, Staff Nurse Level II
Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
Team Members:  Andrea Finn BSN RN, Staff Nurse Level II, Dan Bombardier BSN RN CPN, Staff Nurse Level II, Kelly Connolly MSN RN, Nurse Manager PACU
Oral and Poster
New, Professional, Innovative NYC Building Seeking Forward Thinking Staff: Cross Train Here!
  Team Leaders:  Noelle Paul RN BSN OCN CAPA, Amy Pippin RN MSN CPAN, Wanda Rodriguez RN MA CCRN CPAN, Mary Yanolatos RN BSN CPAN
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center New York, New York
Team Members:  Kevin Browne RN MS CCRN, Lisa Kennedy MA RN CEN CCRN, Marcia Levine MSN RN NE-BC, Kathleen Lombardo RN MSN AOCN CAPA, Grace McCarthy MS RN CNOR, Jeannine Rivera MSN MPA RN CNOR, Lenore Smykowski MA RN CPAN, Desiree Sokoli MSN RN APN FNP-BC NE-BC
Rising and Shining in the Pediatric Day Hospital
  Team Leader:  Aimee Dannaoui RN BSN CPHON CAPA
Memorial Sloan Kettering, New York, New York
Team Members:  Rachel Bright RN BSN CPHON, Caitlin Gillen RN BSN CPHON, Tara O’Neill RN BSN CPEN
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Staff Education
Empowering PACU Nurses to Lead and Manage an Emergent Event
  Team Leader:  Trisha Friend BSN RN
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas
Team Members:  Julia Fulton BSN RN, Staci Eguia MSN RN CCRN
Standardizing Central Venous Catheter Lab Collection Process to Reduce Risk of Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infection
  Team Leader:  Shanet Sumesh BSN RN CPAN
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas
Team Members:  Jules Enriquez BSN RN CPAN CCRN, Staci Eguia MSN RN CCRN
Solving the Mystery of Post Anesthesia Recovery Scores
  Team Leaders:  Anna Mae Josue BSN RN CPAN, Elizabeth Trejo BSN RN, Donna Conde BSN RN CPAN
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas
Team Members:  Staci Eguia MSN RN CCRN, Cori Kopecky MSN RN OCN, Modesto Herrera BSN RN CPAN, Anita Jogee MSN RN CPAN, Rechelle Falguera BSN RN CPAN BC, Lauren Mills BSN RN, Alan Villareal BSN RN CPAN
A Standardized And Systematic Approach To Intravescicular Mitomycin–C Administration In The PACU
  Team Leaders:  Mallory Joe BSN RN, Trisha Friend BSN RN
MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas
Team Members:  Gabriel Perez BSN RN CCRN, Tabitha Zahradnik BSN RN
Beware! Live Virus in Oncologic Therapy: Talimogene Laherparepvec (TVEC) and Nursing Considerations
  Team Leader:  Eric G. Erica BSN RN CCRN
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas
Team Members:  Elveera Pereira BSN RN OCN, Eloisa Villareal BSN RN CPAN, Tissy Abraham BSN RN CCRN, Nelyn Cortez BSN RN, Cori Kopecky MSN RN OCN, Arlene Lastimoso MSN RN CPAN
Increasing Knowledge and Preparedness of Employee and Patient Safety Through Standardization of Education
  Team Leaders:  Sarah Barak RN BSN, Cindy Plato RN BSN, Lonnie Weekley RN BSN
Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio
Staff Education... Quick, Easy E-Access!
  Team Leader:  Lauri Ledbeter MSN RN-BC CNE CAPA
Providence Health Care, Spokane, Washington
Patient/Family Centered Care in Perioperative Services
  Team Leader:  Amy Cooper MSN RN
Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri
Team Members:  Sandra Filla MSN RN AGCNS-BC, Karen Dunn MBA BSN RN, Gail Davis PhD(r) APRN CNS-BC, Colleen Becker PhD(c) RN CCRN
Fountain of Knowledge
  Team Leader:  Janelle Holthaus MSN AGCNS-BC
Barnes Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri
Team Members:  Gail Davis PhD(r) APRN-BC CCRN, Colleen M. Becker PhD(c) RN CCRN
Does Mandatory Nursing Education on Malignant Hyperthermia Enhance Nursing Knowledge and Lead to Positive Patient Outcomes?  
  Team Leader:  Debbie Fracassi MS RN-BC, Perioperative Services
University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, New York
Team Members:  Monica Seaman MS RN CAPA, Emergency Department, Nancy Freeland MS RN CCRN, Critical Care, Julie Gottfried MS RN CCRN CPNP-PC, Pediatrics, Heather O’Brien MS RN CNS, Psychiatry
The Johns Hopkins Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Model: Learning the Process and Appraising the Evidence
  Team Leaders:  Patricia L. Ryan MSN MHA RN CPAN, Myrna Mamaril MS RN CPAN CAPA FAAN, Bonnie Shope MS RN CPAN
The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland
Team Members:  Jing Rodriguez BSN RN CPAN, Tamara Garey BSN RN, Luz Obedoza BSN RN CPAN, Eloisa Martinez BSN RN CPAN, Melinda Walker BSN RN, Martha Conlon BSN RN, Elizabeth Morse DM MSN MPA NEA-BC
Chemotherapy and Perioperative Nurses
  Team Leaders:  Rena P. Thompson MSN RN APN, Mariana Boyle BSN RN CNOR, Laura Martinez MSN RN
University of Chicago Medicine, Chicago, Illinois
Team Member:  Daniel D. Martinez MSN RN CCRN
Streamlining the Outpatient Recovery Process
  Team Leader:  Elizabeth L’Hommedieu BSN RN CPAN
Barnes Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri 
Team Members:  Gail Davis PhD(r) APRN BC CCRN, Colleen M. Becker PhD(c) RN CCRN, Sandra Filla MSN RN AGCNS-BC
Perianesthesia Nursing Education: Prevention and Management of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting
  Team Leader:  Kathleen Hubbard MSN RN CPAN
Penn Medicine Chester County Hospital, West Chester, Pennsylvania
PACU Documentation: A Collaborative Approach to Meaningful Documentation
  Team Leaders:  Cindy Parks MSN RN CPAN, Melissa Yates BSN RN
University of Tennessee Medical Center, Knoxville, Tennessee
Team Members:  PACU Team, Justin Barnes, IT
Hand Hygiene to Prevent Infections
  Team Leaders:  Jason Komar RN, Valerie Kovacic-Mauer MSN RN CNOR  
Cleveland Clinic Marymount Hospital, Garfield Heights, Ohio
Team Members:  Linda Gardner MSN M.ED RN CNOR, Michele Popik BSN RN
Online Journal Club 24/7
  Team Leader:  Jean Kaminski RN CPAN
Cleveland Clinic Akron General, Akron, Ohio
Team Member:  Tammy Menke BSN RN
Prioritizing Education: Implementing and Sustaining Weekly Unit-Based Education Time for Perianesthesia Staff
  Team Leaders: MaMelcha Hawthorne BSN RN CPAN, Amy Pippin MSN RN CPAN
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, New York
Team Members:  Kathleen Lombardo MS RN AOCNS CAPA, Eileen Harrington BS RN OCN
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G31 Got Space?
  Team Leader:  Denise Montgomery BSN RN CAPA
Cleveland Clinic Main Campus, Cleveland, Ohio
Team Members:  Dawn Burden RN, Diane Hurd BSN RN CAPA, Carrie Miklowski BSN RN, Stacy Rice RN
Reduction of Operating Room Holds by Multidisciplinary Influence
  Team Leader:  Mary Korte MSN MHA RN CNOR
Summa Health, Akron, Ohio
Team Members:  Kaye Reiter MSN RN, Chris Powers BA LSSMBB, Lydia Li MS BS, Michael Smith MD, Rachel Leway BSN RN, Melissa Lingle MBA(c) MSN RN CNOR, Steve Monacelli BSN CNOR, Lori Ramnytz MSN RN CAPA,  Rose Gearhart, Information System Specialist Rice RN
Reducing OR Holds: How Frontline Innovation, Interdisciplinary Collaboration, and Lean Thinking Improved Perioperative Throughput
  Team Leader:  Rebecca T. Gilbert DNP RN CCRN
University of Virginia Health System, Charlottesville, Virginia
Team Members:  Kristin Brooks, Keith Morris, Nancy Pierce MSN RN CNL CNOR, Kathie Hullfish MD FACOG FACS
Oral and Poster
Reducing OR Delays: Cross Training and Frontline Engagement Improves Patient Flow in a Tertiary Pediatric Hospital
  Team Leader:  Lorna Potaka-Osborne BSN RN CPAN
Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Little Rock, Arkansas
Team Members:  Lori Otis BSN RN CPN, Deborah Hutts BSN RN NE-BC, Kimberly Bynum BSN RN-BC, Amy Newton BSN RN CPN, Kimberly Gibson RN CPN, Marlene Walden PhD APRN NNP-BC CCNS, Austin Lovenstein, MA, BS, CRS
Come Grow With Us Campaign
  Team Leader:  Kate Horner BSN RN CPAN
Cleveland Clinic, Main Campus, Cleveland, Ohio
Team Members:  Colleen Cummins BSN RN CEN, Donna Voldan BSN RN CAPA
Development and Implementation of a Peri-Op Procedural Float Pool in the Preoperative Areas
  Team Leader:  Karen Lane MSN RN
Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
Team Members:  Denise Barry BSN RN CPAN, Maureen Macdonald BSN RN, Molly Hebert RN, Ellen Sullivan BSN RN CPAN
Adding An Extended Recovery Unit (ERU) to the Perianesthesia Area
  Team Leader:  Marie Courtney BSN RN CPAN CAPA
Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
Team Members:  Barbara Audin BSN RN CPAN, Ellen Sullivan BSN RN CPAN, Victoria Sherry BSN RN
Providing a Supportive Environment in PACU Through Mentoring
  Team Leaders:  Kelly Sadlik BSN RN CPAN
Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio
Team Members:  Cynthia Austin BSN RN CPAN CLNC, Jennifer Buchholz BSN RN, Rob Crane BSN RN CPAN
How Well is Your Workplace
  Team Leaders:  Kate Horner BSN RN CPAN, Christine Rafferty BSN RN, Jennifer Buchholz BSN RN  
Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio
Team Members:  Claudia Felder BSN RN, Jennifer Irving BSN RN, Lisa Kaderabek BSN RN, Katelyn Millard BSN RN CMSRN, Thao Pham BSN RN, April Stauffer BSN RN
Preemptive Treatment of Muscle Spasm Improves the Pain Outcome after Major Spinal Surgery
  Team Leaders: Beth Brown BSN RN, Janice Krapfl BSN RN
Mercy Medical Center, Dubuque, Iowa
Team Members:  Bonnie Avenarius RN, Janet Clendenen BSN RN, Jeanne Petko BSN RN, Janice Weydert RN, Heather Wuebker BSN RN, Melissa Klinkkammer MSN RN, Director of PeriAnesthesia Nursing
N-Care, Do You? Differentiating the Clinical Nurse IV Role in the Peri-Anesthesia Unit
  Team Leader:  Lenore Smykowski MA BSN CPAN
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, New York
Team Members:  Jean Bivona BSN RN CAPA, Raquel Bullard BSN RN CCRN, Maureen Diver MSN RN CAPA, Eileen Fitzgerald MS RN CCRN, Lisa Kennedy MA RN CEN CCRN, Jean Anne King BSN RN CAPA, Kathleen Lombardo MS RN AOCNS CAPA, Susan Magnotti MA RN CAPA, Amy Paolino RN CPAN, Amy Pippin MSN RN CPAN
A New Communication Tool and Process Improvement for the Recognition and Treatment of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting in the Pediatric Patient
  Team Leaders:  Carolyn Kiolbasa BSN RN CAPA, Kathy Bradley RN CNOR, Darlene Dory BS RN CNOR, Manager
Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Outpatient Surgery Center in Westchester, Westchester, Illinois
Team Members:  Susan Adams-Scotty BSN RN, Ann Charles MSN APN, Vicky Coley CST, Kathleen Cybulski CST, Susan De Rouse BSN RN, Kathy Cybulski CST, Jill Dusatko BSN RN, Shelly Freebeck BSN RN, Angela Georginis BSN RN, Jessica Grzywa BSN RN, Rebecca Harrigan RN, Linda Johnson BSN RN, Janet Kaitis BSN RN, Carolyn Kerbey BSN RNFA, Courtney Miller BSN RN, Carey Pascus BSN RN, Colleen Ryan MSN RN, Barb Schmidt BSN RN, Michelle Snorewicz BSN RN, Annette Williams BSN RN
Collaborating With Inpatient RN Colleagues: An Opportunity to Enhance the Preoperative and Postanesthesia Patient Experience
  Team Leaders:  Mary Briggs RN BAN CAPA, Sasha Sakurets RN BSN, Melissa Sergot RN-BC BSN
University of Minnesota Medical Center and Masonic Children's Hospital, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Handling Bad Behaviors, A Nursing Epidemic
  Team Leader:  Donna Label MSN RN CNOR NEA-BC
John Muir Hospital Walnut Creek, Walnut Creek, California
Team Members:  Donna Label MSN RN CNOR NEA-BC, Rebecca Holland MSN RN CNOR CST CRCST
Promoting Professional Excellence through National Certification and Education
  Team Leader:  Lori Otis BSN RN CPN
Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Little Rock, Arkansas
Team Members:  Lorna Potaka-Osborne BSN RN CPAN, Deborah Hutts BSN RN NE-BC, Angelia Hudson RN-BC, Kimberly Gibson RN CPN, Marlene Walden PhD APRN NNP-BC CCNS, Austin Lovenstein MA BS CRS
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Patient/Family Education
Knowledge is Power: Improving Patient Education About New Medication and Side Effects Prior to Discharge
  Team Leader:  Alan Villareal BSN RN CPAN
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas
Team Members:  Cecile Gaviola BSN RN CPAN, Mercy Babu BSN RN CMSRN, Cori Kopecky MSN RN OCN, Jocelyn Roan BSN RN CPAN, Josy Sunil BSN RN CCRN
Innovative Patient Education for Peripheral Nerve Blocks: Embracing the Ipad
  Team Leaders:  Elizabeth Budig BSN CPAN, Tracy Benzel RN CPAN
Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center, Spokane, Washington
Team Members:  David Burns MDA, Tom Wakeley Media Services, Lauri Ledbeter PHC Educator MSN RN-BC CNE CAPA
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