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Specialty Practice Groups

The purpose of ASPAN’s Specialty Practice Groups (SPG) is to bring together sub-specialty nurses who share a special practice in perianesthesia nursing. SPGs are member-driven and offer a variety of networking and educational opportunities, and may serve voluntarily as resources to achieving ASPAN's strategic plan related to practice and professional issues. Members come from diverse practice areas and share a common desire and commitment to provide high clinical standards, quality care and patient safety.

Any active ASPAN member may join one or all of our SPGs. All that is needed is an interest in practice and professional issues related to a particular specialty area. SPG membership benefits include two SPG newsletters per year, access to a password-protected Web page and the opportunity to meet at the ASPAN National Conference.

For information on a particular SPG, contact the Coordinator or Vice-Coordinator listed below. You may join a SPG anytime during the year; however, dues are not prorated and the SPG membership expiration date is tied to your ASPAN membership expiration date.

To join one or more SPGs, please print out the SPG Membership Application and fax to 856-616-9601, or mail with payment to the National Office. You may also join additional SPGs online once you login to the Web site.

 Advanced Degree SPG    Pediatric SPG
 Informatics SPG    Perianesthesia Nurse Educator SPG
 Management SPG    Preoperative Assessment SPG
 Pain Management SPG    Publications SPG

Advanced Degree SPG
Click here for Advanced Degree SPG Members Only Page
  Purpose: To support and foster the perianesthesia Advanced Degree nurse’s role development and to promote higher education for perianesthesia nurses. Must be Master’s prepared or in a Master’s program to join.
    Coordinator:  Lisa Spragins MSN RN CNL CPPPS CPAN CAPA, inamarada@yahoo.com
Vice-Coordinator:  Christy Asboe MSN RN CCRN-K, christina.l.asboe@kp.org
Board of Directors:  Deborah Moengen BSN RN CPAN, dmoengen@aspan.org​
Informatics SPG
Click here for Informatics SPG Members Only Page
  Purpose: To share knowledge, challenges, and ideas to identify solutions that enhance our nursing informatics practice and promote positive perianesthesia patient outcomes through technology.
    Coordinator: Michelle Davis MSN RN RN-BC CPAN, sheldavis5@gmail.com
Vice Coordinator:  Alicia Beneteau BScN RN CPAN PCCN, abeneteau@yahoo.com
Board of Directors:  Keisha Franks BSN RN CPAN, kfranks@aspan.org​
Management SPG
Click here for Management SPG Members Only
  Purpose: To enhance collaboration and communication among perianesthesia managers and serve as a management resource; to utilize the group to benefit from specialty education regarding administration and management in the perianesthesia arena.
    Coordinator:  Nilofar Abassi MSN ANP, nabassi@valleyhealth.com
Vice Coordinator: Angel Petznick MSN MBA RN CPAN, capbross@gmail.com
Board of Directors:  Deborah Moengen BSN RN CPAN, dmoengen@aspan.org​
Pain Management SPG
Click here for Pain Management SPG Members Only Page 
  Purpose: To enhance communication and collaboration appropriate to acute and chronic pain management among perianesthesia nurses; to utilize the group to research resources available for policy recommendations; and, to disseminate information to members of the specialty practice group, the organization and other health care providers.
    Coordinator:  Carrie Quinn MSN RN ACCNS-AG CPAN CNL-BC, carrie.quinn@pennmedicine.upenn.edu
Vice Coordinator: Michaela Wilde BSN RN CPAN, michaelawilde@gmail.com
Board of Directors:  Bronwyn Ship BSN RN CPAN CAPA, bship@aspan.org
Pediatric SPG
Click here for Pediatric SPG Members Only Page
  Purpose: To provide nurses the opportunity to increase their quality of care for children in the ambulatory surgery, preanesthesia and postanesthesia arenas.
    Coordinator:  Tara Maple MSN RN CPN CPAN, taraemaple@gmail.com
Vice Coordinator:  Chanda Hassemer BSN RN CPAN, dustinandchanda@gmail.com
Board of Directors:  Susan Norris BScN RN CAPA, snorris@aspan.org
Perianesthesia Nurse Educator SPG
Click here for Perianesthesia Nurse Educator SPG Members Only Page
  Purpose: To promote collaboration among perianesthesia nurse educators and share resources related to perianesthesia orientation to practice, competencies and continuing education.
    Coordinator:  Elany Walia MSN RN CAPA, elanysayson@gmail.com
Vice Coordinator:  Tasha Rice BSN RN CPAN, tasha.rice@uchospitals.edu
Board of Directors:  Ronda Dyer MSN BSPA RN CPAN CAPA CNE, rdyer@aspan.org
Preoperative Assessment SPG
Click here for Preoperative Assessment SPG Members Only Page
  Purpose: To bring together nurses working in the preoperative assessment area to share ideas, to provide educational opportunities and to serve as a resource and networking facilitator.
    Coordinator:  Kevin MacVane BSN RN CAPA, kevinm@panac.org
Vice Coordinator:  Deborah Threats MDiv BSN RN CPAN CAPA, msgrandmathreats@aol.com
Board of Directors:  Bronwyn Ship BSN RN CPAN CAPA, bship@aspan.org​
Publications SPG
Click here for Publications SPG Members Only Page
  Purpose: To encourage, support, and promote the writing and publishing process by perianesthesia nurses through resources, education, and networking.
    Coordinator:  Barbara Godden MHS RN CPAN CAPA, bgodden@aspan.org 
Vice Coordinator:  TBD
Board of Directors:  Susan Norris BScN RN CAPA, snorris@aspan.org​

2019 SPG Leaders Orientation Presentation  (click to watch)
2019 SPG Leaders Orientation PPT Only

SPG Membership Application

Specialty Practice Group (SPG) Resource Manual

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