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2022 ASPAN Call for Nominations

Run for an ASPAN Board Position:
The Power of Community Creating ASPAN’s Future!

In response to the SARs CoV2 global pandemic this past year, nurses quickly learned needed skills and knowledge, displaying courage, passion, innovation, resiliency, and flexibility. Nurses challenged themselves and each other to stretch and grow into what an uncertain world needed and did this successfully with grace and grit. Consider continuing to stretch and grow into what perianesthesia nurses need now: innovative, progressive, forward thinking leaders! Reflect on the challenges we have faced and successfully overcome these past 12 months. Consider for a few moments where you could go next, where is the next opportunity to give back? How could YOU creatively contribute to perianesthesia nursing now – perhaps by running for an ASPAN leadership position?

Qualified candidates are needed for the following positions on
ASPAN’s 2022-2023 Board of Directors:

Vice President/President-Elect (three-year term)
Secretary (two-year term)
Director for Clinical Practice (two-year term)
Director for Education (two-year term)
Regional Director, Region Two (two-year term)
Regional Director, Region Four (two-year term)

Also open are five one-year positions on the Nominating Committee

Members who are current and/or past national officers, directors, editors, committee chairs, strategic work team coordinators, have experience on a national committee or strategic work team, or component officers / Representative Assembly members who have been Active category members in ASPAN for a minimum of three years (five years for Vice President/President-Elect) are welcome to accept this challenge of running for office in 2022.

Please refer to each job description for specific eligibility requirements.


  • The following forms and your photograph must be submitted electronically ONLY via email with a date stamp no later than October 1, 2021. No hard copies or faxes will be accepted for any reason.
    • Intent to Place Name for Nomination Form
    • Candidate Profile Sheet
    • Letter of Recommendation
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • Photograph
    • Conflict of Interest Policy/Form (COI)
      • There is a COI policy/form for Board candidates and a COI policy/form for Nominating Committee candidates. Please select the appropriate one for your candidacy.
  • Remember! Submission deadline:  October 1, 2021


Before submitting nomination forms, you must first contact Elizabeth Card,
Nominating Committee Chair, to declare your candidacy:  ecard@aspan.org.   

2022 Nomination Packet Downloads
(.pdf format – Adobe Acrobat Reader software required)

[Please read the Informational Letter before anything else!]

ASPAN Candidate Informational Letter

ASPAN Candidate Instructions 

Intent to Place Name for Nomination Form

Conflict of Interest Policy/Form
          Board Candidates
          Nominating Committee Candidates

Candidate Profile Sheet   [example] 

Candidate Profile Sheet   [blank form to complete]


Vice President/President-Elect
Immediate Past President


Director for Clinical Practice

Director for Education

Regional Director

Nominating Committee Member


ASPAN Strategic Plan 2020

Organizational Chart 2021-2022

ASPAN Election Procedure Policy


Contact Elizabeth Card, Nominating Committee Chair at ecard@aspan.org 
- or -
Jane Certo, ASPAN National Office at jcerto@aspan.org  (877-737-9696 ext. 213)

Submission Deadline:  October 1, 2021

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